‘The Real Player in the Video Game Industry: The Role of Modern Intermediaries’

The Spring Seminar Series continues on Friday 30th January with our in-house CREATe researchers Morten Hviid (CCP & NBS) and Sofia Izquierdo Sanchez (CCP & PPL) presenting their paper on ‘The Real Player in the Video Game Industry: The Role of Modern Intermediaries‘. Morten is the Director of CCP and is also a Professor at the UEA Law School. Sofia is a Lecturer in Media Economics at UEA and joined the CCP as a CREATe Research Associate in September 2014. A brief abstract for Morten and Sofia’s paper can be found below.


The videogames industry has become, during the last 30 years, one of the most profitable creative industries. Using data for some of the most popular videogames and two original consumers’ questionnaires; this paper examines the role of intermediaries highlighting their importance in the videogame industry and how their role has evolved, adapting during the internet era.

The seminar takes place from 13:00-14:00 in the Thomas Paine Study Centre, Room 1.03.

The presentation precedes a 2-day conference organised by CCP and CREATe which takes place in early-February. The conference is based around the theme of ‘The Economics of Creativity and Competition: New Markets, New Challenges‘.

About CCP
The Centre for Competition Policy (CCP) conducts interdisciplinary research into competition policy and regulation.

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