‘The EU Directive on collective management and the online single market in music’

The penultimate CCP seminar of the Autumn series takes place on Friday 6th December with John Street (CCP and PSI) and Dave Laing (PSI) presenting their research on ‘The EU Directive on collective management and the online single market in music‘. An abstract for their seminar can be found below.


This paper reports on the first phase of a CREATe project on the ‘Regulation of the Collecting Societies’. The Collecting Societies, or Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), are key intermediaries in the distribution of income derived from copyright. Our particular focus is on the music industry. Despite the importance of CMOs to the operation of the industry their role has been neglected. They are, however, now the focus of much attention, largely as a result of the various consequences of digitisation. The Hargreaves Review of copyright called for the tighter regulation of collecting societies, while the EU has pursued a policy of harmonisation of collective rights management to expedite cross-national licenses and the delivery of its single market agenda and its cultural diversity commitments. In this paper, we set out the background to the EU’s intervention and raise a number of questions about the drivers of it and its likely consequences.

As usual, the seminar takes place from 13:00-14:00 in the Thomas Paine Study Centre, Room 1.4.

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