CCP Seminar: The rise (and rise?) of Regulatory Impact Assessment

This week’s CCP seminar takes place on Friday 26th April and sees John Turnpenny (PSI), a senior lecturer in Public Policy and Public Management at UEA, presenting his research on ‘The rise (and rise?) of Regulatory Impact Assessment‘. An abstract for his seminar can be found below.


The practice of Regulatory Impact Assessment has spread rapidly through the OECD and beyond, along with an associated academic literature.  This talk introduces ex-ante policy-level appraisal more generally, of which Regulatory Impact Assessment is but one, albeit very prominent, example.  It discusses the different types of research on policy appraisal.  Appraisal is undoubtedly an important site of political behaviour, with its own institutions, instruments and policy actors, and I investigate the growing interest in what might be termed the ‘policy and politics’ of policy appraisal.  I also discuss how policy appraisal works in practice, and some of the constraints to its application.  While there are signs that policy appraisal research is moving away from what might be termed a ‘technical-rational model’ of linear knowledge transfer between experts and policy-makers, both research and practice remain heavily informed by it.  Research and practice are interacting in subtle and surprising ways in this exciting and rapidly expanding field of public policy analysis.

What do you think?

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