Dr Peter Whelan and Dr Pinar Akman contribute to the Antitrust Marathon in Rome

Dr Peter Whelan and Dr Pinar Akman, both of whom lecture at UEA Law School, were invited to and attended the ‘Antitrust Marathon’ which was held at the Italian Competition Authority in Rome on 18 March 2013.

Dr Whelan chaired a panel session dedicated to the discussion of criminal enforcement of competition law. He also contributed to the panel discussion on the use of private enforcement of competition law. He argued that, for various reasons, public enforcement is far superior to private enforcement in achieving the relevant objectives of competition law enforcement and that therefore resources should be focused on the former type of enforcement rather than the latter.

Dr Akman also contributed to the debate on the private enforcement of competition law. In particular she argued that there are many procedural issues that have to be resolved in national laws, such as that of the UK, before one can expect to see an increase in private litigation. One pertinent issue is the period of limitations regarding follow-on actions against an infringer which has not appealed the authority decision finding an infringement of competition law.

The Antitrust Marathon is a long-running series of roundtable discussions sponsored by the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies of Loyola University Chicago School of Law and the Competition Law Forum of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law on enduring issues of comparative competition law. These discussions always take place the day before or after the great marathon races of the world. 

 The Italian Competition Authority and the University of Rome I (Sapienza) were additional cosponsors of the 2013 Antitrust Marathon. A transcript of the proceedings will be published in due course in the European Competition Journal.

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