Visitors from far and wide

In the run-up to the end of the Semester the Centre is going to be very busy. Our visitor programme is packed:

1. Sumit Majumdar, Professor of Technology Strategy, University of Texas at Dallas will give an ad hoc seminar in CCP on Wednesday 14th November at 11:30 “Mergers and Network Pricing: Evaluating Access Revenue Patterns of Incumbent Telecommunications Firms”.

2. Chris Wilson, a CCP alumnus, now at Loughborough, is visiting the Centre from noon on Thursday 15th to end of Friday 16th November.

3. Pierre Larouche from TILEC, one of the co-founders of CLEEN, will be visiting UEA on Friday November 16th and Monday November 19th , and will be presenting the CCP seminar on 16th on Comparative Approaches to Dominance, and a presentation in the Law School at 2pm on 19th

4. Debra Wilson, from Canterbury Law School in New Zealand will be visiting from 28th to 30th November, including her presentation at the CCP seminar on November 30th on “Challenging criminalisation: Why cartel conduct does not warrant its priority for criminal sanction in competition law”.

5. Keith Jones, partner in Baker & Mckenzie, gives the next of our Competition Policy in Practice seminar at 6:30 pm on 6th December, talking about “Competition policy in practice: Article 102 and the need for bright lines – a challenge to economists”

And of course Tobias Wenzel is with us until the last week of November.

CCP supports visits from outsiders to give us all the opportunity to interact with those who are working in the same field as we are. Individuals wishing to visit the Centre should make contact with Catherine Waddams in the first instance.

About CCP
The Centre for Competition Policy (CCP) conducts interdisciplinary research into competition policy and regulation.

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