CCP member visits Chile

We were pleased to welcome the Chilean National Competition Enforcement Agency’s Aikaterini Angelopoulou and her colleague Mario Ybar to the Centre during the summer and now CCP Faculty member Bruce Lyons is just back from working in Chile:

Bruce Lyons has just returned from Santiago, Chile where he gave a two-day expert course to the Chilean and other Latin American Competition Authorities on the Economics of Mergers and Merger Control. The course was sponsored by the FCO.

Bruce also gave a keynote address on the Benefits and Costs of Merger Control at Chile’s annual Competition Day (22nd October 2012), which was opened by the Minister for Business. Remarkably for a country of Chile’s size, Competition Day attracts an audience of 350 lawyers, business and media people.

CCP members are happy to advise on many competition and regulation issues – let us know if there is something we can do for your organisation!

Competition Policy in Practice: Adrian Majumdar, 1st November

Adrian will give the second seminar in the series “Competition Policy in Practice” on Thursday. The abstract appears below. Students, researchers, faculty and practitioners are all welcome to this event.

Coordinated effects and the Anglo American / Lafarge JV: cementing good practice or throwing theory in the mixer?

 This presentation focuses on the Anglo American / Lafarge JV, cleared conditionally by the UK Competition Commission. This recent decision has the first substantial lessening of competition (SLC) finding based only on coordinated effects (in relation to cement). We shall assess the approach taken by the Competition Commission and the implications for the future analysis of coordinated effects in the UK.

NIE Winter Conference

PharmaceuticalsOn 14th December CCP is hosting the Network of Industrial Economists‘ winter conference.

We’ll be at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace for a a one day academic conference on competition and health care from an industrial economics perspective. Colleagues from CCP taking part will be Franco Mariuzzo (who is organising the event), Farasat Bokhari, Bruce Lyons and Morten Hviid. You can view the programme on our website and make your booking online.

Photo by Sage Ross, CC by-sa

CCP in the news: Crack The Gas Price Puzzle

Originally appearing in the Sunday Telegraph (21st October 2012), Catherine Waddams was mentioned in this piece:

CRACK THE GAS PRICE PUZZLE; Identifying the best deal has long been a struggle. But the Prime Minister and regulators have pledged to shake things up. – Power Engineering.

CCP member comments on Ofgem and Government plans to help consumers get better energy deals

Prof Catherine Waddams of CCP comments on Ofgem and Government plans to help consumers get better energy deals:

“Ofgem’s new proposals encourage consumers to find a better deal, and do not discourage companies from offering lower prices, unlike their earlier non discrimination clauses and the Prime Minister’s current proposals. Government and regulator must decide whether they are encouraging competition or protecting energy consumers through regulation. If they try to do both, we will all likely get the worst, not the best, of both worlds.”

Over on the other blog…

Catherine Waddams writes about the Prime Minister’s thoughts on a cheap energy tariff for all and Pinar Akman draws our attention to BIS/EU approaches to above-cost surcharges.

Response to BIS surcharges consultation

Morten Hviid and Pinar Akman have responded to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) document “Consultation on the early implementation of a ban on above cost payment surcharges“.

You can download and read the response from our website.

Executive Briefing: Culling the Quangos: When is Delegation Revoked?


  • ‘Quangos’ are agencies at arm’s length from government and with delegated powers. Two common types of quango in the UK are:
  1. non-ministerial departments, for example, the Office of Fair Trading and the Food Standards Agency; and
  2. non-departmental public bodies, for example, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

Policy Brief: Who Manages Cartels? The Role of Sales and Marketing Managers within International Cartels: Evidence from the European Union 1990-2009


International cartels involve two or more independent firms from more than one country colluding on certain terms of trade, such as pricing, in one or more markets.

The actions of cartelists have a highly detrimental impact on consumers with international cartels commanding 25% in excess of the competitive price.

METHODOLOGY Read more of this post

Competition Policy in Practice

CCP is launching an occasional series of early evening lectures by practitioners to supplement our regular Friday lunchtime sessions – the inaugural lecture is on Thursday 11th October at 6:30, when Iain Osborne, Group Director of Regulatory Policy, Civil Aviation Authority will be talking on the extremely topical issue of “Airports around London: Competition, regulation and capacity”. Before moving to the CAA, Iain was CEO of the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation, and has previously held senior roles within the telecoms industry, OFGEM and at the European Commission.

This series is designed for members of CCP, students (postgraduate and undergraduate) and local practitioners with an interest in competition and regulation policy. These talks are designed to be of wider and more applied interest and individuals external to UEA are most welcome. Details of the three sessions this semester are on our website. We look forward to seeing you there.